Purchase Customized Magic Cushions & Pillow Covers Online

yourPrint.in lets you customize and create your own Photo Printed Magic Cushion & Pillow Covers within seconds on our website and mobile app. You can click photos on the go via your phone/tablet or upload already clicked photos from your device or social media accounts. Once the order has been placed, our design team gets the order printed on the surface of the Cloth Surface of the Cushion Cover. Once the printing is done and the cushion print has passed the Quality Check test, it is shipped to you. The print on the magic cushion and pillow cover is permanent - it will never fade off, even when the cushion is washed in water multiple times. In Magic Cushions, the photo disappears and re-appears magically by the wave of your hand.

What is a Magical Personalized Photo Printed Magic Cushion?

As the name suggests, a Magic Cushion is a Cushion with your Photograph Printed on it. The magic cushion has 2 sides with different photos printed on them. When you wave your hand on 1 side, the photo disappears and another photograph will re-appear, giving it a magical effect. The magical effect of dual photos is the unique point of this cushion - you can get 2 in 1 image effect which is available exclusively in Magic Cushions and not present in Normal Cushions. This makes it a Unique Gifting Item, available Online at yourPrint website and mobile app.

Personalized Magic Cushions with your Pictures - the perfect Magical Gift!

Without doubt, these printed cushion & pillow covers are the best gift that can be given to your dear ones. Surprise your friends and family members with the Unique Photo Appearing and Dis-Appearing Effect available on these Magic Cushions. This magical effect is achieved by using permanent printing technique on both the sides of the cushion. This means that 1 side of the cushion can have a particular image and the other side of the cushion can have a different image, giving it a magical effect when you wave your hand over it. The is a fairly new concept, as normal printed cushion or pillow covers don't exhibit this magical effect when you wave your hand over them.

Make your Home/Office Unique with our Range of Custom Printed Magic Cushions & Magic Pillow Cases

Stand out from the crowd by making your surroundings look unique with our custom printed magic cushions and pillow cases. These are printed exactly as per your design and form the best accessory for your home. Printed and customized cushions and pillows help you in personalizing your surroundings. We deliver in all cities in India - including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Panipat, Karnal, Bangalore and more. Creating your surrounding Magical with our Unique Range of Magic Cushions available to order online from the comforts of your homes.