A Full Guide On How To Buy Customized Infant Bibs

Having a newborn is both amazing and terrifying. And every mom out there had experienced the pain and struggle of feeding the little ones. They dribble all over the place, so cleaning the mess becomes a problem. Even though your baby no longer has to eat baby foods, you still need bibs to avoid any spills. So custom printed & personalized baby bibs are the best solution. It's a must-have baby product for your little ones.

So when you are choosing everything best for your little baby, from diapers to baby powder, it's also important to choose the right bibs for your baby. However, it's not so easy since there are so many types of bibs for babies in India. So if you have been trying to buy Feeding bibs for a 1 year old, read this article to the end. Here, we will discuss all the common questions that parents should ask before buying a baby bib.

Personalized baby bibs for newborns

It's very important to put baby bibs on your 1 year old, since they tend to spit and dribble all the time. The worst times are during breastfeeding or eating baby foods. Babies can't eat properly as you do, and it's natural. A baby bib will save you from all the hustle of washing baby clothes every time you feed them. We recommend buying custom baby bibs with fasteners on one side or both to make your child's wardrobe collection unique. That way, you can easily remove bibs without hurting your baby's neck since newborns' neck muscles don't develop that early.

How long will you need bibs for?

Another important question to ask is for how long you need to use baby bibs. Well, it depends completely on your baby. If your one-year-old is not a very calm baby, they will probably remove the bib the moment you put it on. It's better to use it whenever your newborn eats or chews something. But if he or she is a messy eater, it will be a problem. Usually, most babies need baby bibs for 2-3 years, but every baby is different. Personalized Baby Bibs from yourPrint are durable and long lasting for months & years.

How many bibs you need for a baby?

Again this depends on how messy eater your one-year-old is. While some parents need to buy only a few, others may require a large amount. We will suggest you to buy a few at first, and then you can always buy more later on. But if your baby makes a mess out of everything, it's better to buy a lot of bibs beforehand to be on the safe side. Any design you create on yourPrint is saved in your account, which means you can easily re-order customize bibs for your kids.

How to choose the Best Newborn Bibs?

Buying any personalized baby bibs and burp clothes for your baby depends on 1) the baby's age and 2) the baby's daily activities. These two are key factors determining which baby bibs will be the best for your baby. But if you want a General opinion, then we recommend you to buy a baby bib that has the following qualities:

  • Super absorbent
  • cotton or bamboo-based
  • Multiple layers
  • Adjustable
  • Fastening on one or both sides
  • Made with eco-friendly and sustainable material
  • And most importantly, unique, which all customized bibs at yourPrint are as these are designed by you!

What are the different styles for baby bibs?

When choosing baby bibs, there are so many styles you can go with. You can personalize baby bibs with photos, text, emojis & stickers. Personalized baby bibs with pictures and Custom embroidered baby bibs are today's new trend. There are so many other styles, including smock, feeding, small, large, bandana, binky, and vintage. Here, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different baby bib styles.

  • Bandana Bibs:

As the name suggests, Bandana bibs look like a bandana. It's basically a handkerchief that is folded in half to create a triangle, and then it is tied around your baby's neck.


  • It's best for those babies who like to chew everything or dribble a lot.
  • They sit on the neck a little higher to easily absorb a lot more dribble than a normal bib would.
  • Babies can't easily remove their bibs since they are tied around the back of the neck.


  • They are not very long, so they only cover the neck area and don't protect the clothes.
  • They can be a little heavy for a 1-year-old.
  • Scoop bibs:

Scoop bibs are usually made out of plastic, and they can catch all the foods at the bottom of the bib. These are only for meal times since it's not very comfortable for your baby.


  • Super easy to clean.
  • Babies can easily eat while wearing it.
  • Don't need to worry about mess, since it can catch all the food.


  • Not for infants
  • Not very comfortable
  • Mealtime use only.
  • Coverall bibs:

As the name suggests, these types of bibs can cover the full upper body of a baby. They are actually plastic bibs that look like jumpers. It's best for your 2-3-year-olds but not for your newborn. Babies can have a sense of independence day while eating their foods by themselves, and parents don't need to worry about cleaning up all their mess.


  • Offer full coverage
  • No need to worry about mess


  • Made of plastic, so not comfortable for kids
  • Not for infants
  • Smock Bibs:

Smocks are also made with plastic, but they come with long sleeves so your baby can easily do whatever they want. It's more comfortable than coverall bibs and can be used during feeding, painting, arts and crafts, and even playing in the dirt.


  • Offer full coverage
  • Can be used for several other purposes like painting


  • Not comfortable as made of plastic
  • Vintage Bibs

These bibs are the current trend in the market. They are very fashionable and best for special occasions. They are normal ordinary bibs with baubles and lacing. You can also get personalized baby bibs and burp clothes.


  • Fashionable
  • Comfortable

Where To Order Personalized Baby Bibs Online?

It's very hard to choose fashionable baby clothes for your newborn. But if you wish your little one to stand out from the crowd, buying personalized baby bibs with pictures is the best option. You can choose different styles and designs to decorate the baby bibs. Have different bibs for different occasions.

Here at yourprint, we offer personalized bibs for babies of all ages. So choose from 1000s of options which can be further customized with any design of your choice.. We have cotton, Dri-Fit, and polyester, plastic bibs in all different styles that are just perfect for all occasions. Our bibs are super comfy on the neck, easy to clean, and can soak more dribble than an ordinary bib.

Not only baby bibs, but you can also customize almost everything. Using the latest printing technologies such as DTG, sublimation, UV Printing, etc, you can easily customize and print on men's and women t-shirts, mobile cases, photo canvas, badges, mugs, visiting cards, posters, playing cards, keychains, cushions and pillows, sipper bottles, glasses, and more. So what are you waiting for? Order your personalized baby bibs and other products online at www.yourprint.in