Purchase Customized Shot Glasses Online in India

yourPrint.in lets you customize and create your own photo printed Shot Glasses. These are the perfect. Planning to go out for a party tonight or celebrate at home or in office? We are sure you have liquor in mind for the occasion. Regular glasses don't work any more - you need something special to imbibe the liquor of your choice - be it Vodka or Tequila or Something else. We bring to you Custom Printed Shot Glasses for these occasions. You can design them the way you want!

What exactly is a Shot Glass?

Shot Glass is a tiny glass which is supposed to hold your alcohol/liquor/mocktail before you drink it all in a go. Shot Glasses are a must have for all those who love to party in their lives. The utility of Shot Glasses is not just limited to people who drink alcohol - even teetotalers who love to drink their mocktails can make use of these cute, little glasses. Since shots are most commonly associated with Tequila and Vodka, these are also know as Vodka . Tequila Shot glasses but can be used to accommodate any drink which has to be drunk in a single go.

Making your Shot Glasses Special with yourPrint

Without doubt, these printed shot glasses are the best gift to give to your loved ones, friends, employees or business partners. These can be customized within seconds - you may upload any image, logo or text to be printed on these glasses and place the order. Once the order is successfully placed, our team gets the glasses printed and shipped to you. We ship to all cities in India on Prepaid and Cash on Delivery Mode. Shot Glasses are very popular these days in parties owing to the pop culture - which is designed by what we see on TV, news etc. It's your chance to be cool and awesome with these personalized shot glasses which are photo printed on demand.

Photograph Printed Shot Glasses - your best companion at parties!

We all like to party once in a while. Now make your parties special with our range of high quality photo printed shot glasses. These can be printed in unlimited colors of your imagination and can be used to drink any type of alcohol or any drink in a single go. The glasses are washable and the print is durable in general usage. The product is made of high quality glass and printing is done over this material.