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Customized Reusable Face Masks Online in India

Buy Customisable Reusable Photo Printed Face Masks Online in India at yourPrint from the safety of your homes. In today's world, due to corona virus or COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to wear a face mask whenever you are stepping out of your home or office. Unlike Disposable Face Masks, Reusable Face Masks are economical and cheap in terms of pricing as they can be washed and reused safely, without the risk of spreading the coronavirus infection in your vicinity. Since Reusable Face Masks are made up of durable & breathable clothing material, making them comfortable to wear all day long in any formal or informal setting. Face Masks also double up as Dust Masks, protecting you from the harmful effects of air pollution in cities along with providing safety against coronavirus pandemic. Since a Face Mask extends up to your nose, thus protecting your mouth & nose, there is no need to wear a separate nose mask if you are already wearing a face mask.

Types of Coronavirus Face Masks in India

Depending on your need, there are various types of Coronavirus Face Masks available in India at yourPrint. The most popular types are as follows: 

  • Reusable Face Masks - This is the most popular and economical choice for Safety Face Masks in India. Instead of a generic color or design on the face mask, you can personalize the face mask with any color, photo, text, quote & more at yourPrint. You can also customize the safety face masks with your company's logo and give it to your staff. Reusable face masks can be reused after basic washing in warm water. The print on the reusable face masks is permanent, it will not fad off in general use. You can design multi-colored face masks at yourPrint. We are prioritizing deliveries of essential items like face masks during the corona virus crisis in India.
  • Disposable Face Masks - As the name suggests, disposable face masks are meant for single use and are to be discarded once they have been used. Although these are cheaper in price, you would need to change the mask after every use. These are also called surgical masks and are mostly used in medical institutions. Due to thinner material as compared to reusable face masks, disposable face masks are not customizable unlike reusable outdoor face masks. They have a blue-green color, appropriate to be used in hospitals, clinics etc.
  • Personalized Face Masks - With specialization in printing on literally anything, yourPrint brings to you personalized outdoor face masks. Each and every design aspect of this face mask is customizable. You can design the face mask and customize in the following ways:
    • Background Color: You can add any color of your choice to the background of the face mask. Bright colors like Red,Green,Yellow,Orange can be used for the background or you can use milder colors like Grey,Brown,Black etc.
    • Add Photos: You can add any photo or multiple photos of your choice on the mask. The photos will be printed in high definition, depending on the resolution of the photo uploaded by you. You can add your photo, photo of any celebrity, landscape & scenery photos, company logo and more. The possibilities are endless. Anything that you can image can be printed.
    • Add Text on Mask: Add any text, like your name, your company name, name of your favorite sports team, hashtags etc on the mask. All customizations can be done online on yourPrint website & mobile app.
    • Add Emojis on Face Mask: Along with the above mentioned options, you can also add emojis,smileys etc on the mask to give it a lively design & feel while wearing it on your face. You can also adjust size & other attributes of the emojis you have added on the mask easily.

Designer Face Masks for Outdoor Use in India

Buy Customized, Designer Face Masks for Outdoor Use Online at yourPrint. Masks are essential in our battle against the covid-19 virus. Although social distancing is the best defense against coronavirus, it is inevitable that you would need to go out of your home, be it for buying something or going to office for work. It is necessary to wear a face mask whenever you are going out, irrespective of the purpose. yourPrint has over 1000 designs in outdoor face masks which can be further personalized as per your preference. Instead of wearing same old blue color medical masks, you can personalize your appearance with designer face masks, which are reusable and more economical for long term usage as compared to medical or disposable face masks. Another advantage is that these face masks can be personalized as per your requirement. We also have quantity discounts for bulk purchases of face masks in India. Delivery is available in all cities in India using express delivery services on priority mode. Protect yourself and your near ones with customized outdoor face masks from yourPrint. You have the option of opting for reusable or single use masks as per your need.