Purchase Customized Photo Printed Magic Mugs Online

yourPrint.in lets you customize and create your own photo printed Magic Coffee Mugs & Cups within seconds on our website and mobile app. The Magic Mugs are a special kind of Mug variety - they change their color once Hot Liquid is poured inside the magic, hence they are named as Magic Mugs. Magic Mugs are available in Multiple Colors - including Black Colored Personalized Magic Mugs, Red Magic Coffee Mugs, Blue Colored Photo Printed Magic Mugs, Cups and More. The photo printed on the mug becomes visible only when hot liquid like tea or coffee is poured inside the mug. Without the liquid. the mug stays of its default color. For example - if a black colored magic mug is printed with your image, the mug will stay black when no hot liquid is poured inside it. As soon as you pour boiling hot liquid inside the mug, the photo will gradually become visible on the surface of the magic mug.

What is a Personalized Color Changing Magic Mug?

As the name suggests, a personalized magic coffee mug is a basic ceramic mug which has been printed with a photograph of your choice to make it look unique. What makes this mug special and magical is the fact that the photo becomes visible only when hot liquid is poured inside the coffee mug. Without the liquid, the mug looks like a basic coffee mug without any print on it. Magic mugs can be gifted to your loved ones to surprise them - as soon as your put coffee in the mug, your message or photo will be shown to your loved one, thus surprising them. This makes magic mugs perfect for gifting on occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Christmas and more. The mugs are made up of durable ceramic material with matte finish.

Magic Coffee Mugs with your Pictures - the perfect Surprise Gift!

Without doubt, these printed mugs and cups are the best gift that can be given to your dear ones. The mugs are capable of holding all kinds of liquid - be it hot or cold. Mugs can hold juice, water, coffee, tea or any other beverage. However, the printed photograph will only show up when boiling hot liquid is kept in the mug. This is because a threshold temperature is required for the color changing effect of the mug to take place. Below this temperature, the color of the mug remains the same. The handle and the cup are of the same color.

Make your Mug Unique and Magical by Customizing it!

Stand out from the crowd my making your basic coffee mug unique with your picture printed on it in High Definition quality. The Magic Mugs are a new type of coffee mugs because of their color changing effect. We deliver magic coffee mugs to all cities in India, including Mumbai, Panipat, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Kerala and more. Basically, we can deliver personalized mugs to all cities and pincodes in India which have a courier service available. If you wish to Gift mugs to your loved ones, you can also get them gift wrapped from us. This option can be selected while placing the order on yourPrint Website or App.