Can you print your photo on all 52 cards in a standard 52-card deck?

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Today I am sharing a product which is evergreen for your friends and family as a gift for their Anniversaries, Birthdays, Festivals or any other occasions. The readers might have a pictorial idea of the product. Yes you have thought of the product exactly. It is Customizable Photo Printed Playing Cards. As the name suggests, your picture is printed at the back of each and every playing card.

Yes, you have read it right, all 52 cards can be customized at once with either your image or design or text.

You can place any photo on the Playing card and we will print it for you. Sounds Amazing, doesn’t it?

According to the your requirements, the product “Customized Playing Cards” can be customized, personalized, designed and photo printed in High Definition Printing Quality. You can place your own image on the back of each and every card in the deck of cards. These Customized Playing Cards are made of highly durable, flexible plastic which in turn gives a sophisticated look to the Personalized Playing Cards. The cards are waterproof and tear proof unless any undue force is applied on them.

Below, we have detailed how you can get your own set of playing cards. You can design it in seconds from the comfort of your homes, right from your smartphone screens. Once designed, we will print the cards exactly as per your designs. These selfie cards are the perfect gift for all occasions – Birthdays, Festivals like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Wedding Anniversaries etc.

Step 1: Go to the playing card customization page on yourPrint

Step 2: Select your preferred layout for custom playing cards on the category page.  

Step 3: Once on the product page, Upload your selected Image for customization of the card.

After uploading the image, you will get a real-time preview of it as seen below:



Step 4:  Here comes the standard part of online shopping:

Select the number of units you want and then Add to cart as shown in the image below

Step 5: Fill in your details on the checkout page and place the order.

Your cards will be printed within 1-2 working days of playing the orders and shipped right to your address 🙂

Contact us here if you have any queries


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