Custom Photo Printed Mouse Pads & Mouse Mats

Buy Photo-Printed Customized Mouse Pads Online for Laptop/PC at The mouse pad is personalized with your pictures, company logo, artwork, text, etc., and is compatible with wired as well as wireless mice. We use High-Definition Printing Techniques for mouse pad printing with your own design, which gives a permanent and durable print output on the mouse pad.

Personalized Mouse Pads compatible with Wired and Wireless Mouses

The personalized mouse pad is compatible with all types of mice - wired and wireless. This is also compatible with Laptops, Desktop PCs, and Tablets as well. The mouse pad has a meshed surface which provides adequate grip when the pad is placed on your office/study table / any other surface. High-quality top and bottom surfaces for the mouse pad make it ideal for daily usage and heavy usage as well, for example - during gaming or designing.

Print Your Own Mouse Pad Online in India

You can Customize Mouse Pads - which means you can add any image, design, text, artwork easily on the mouse pad using yourPrint website or App. Cheap Personalized Mouse Pads with names are available with us. Just click on Add Image to add any picture/photo on the mouse pad, which will be printed on it, or click on Add Text to add any text of your choice which will also be printed on your personalized mouse pad. Delivery usually takes 2-4 working days once the order is printed and shipped to your address.

Types of Personalised Mouse Mats Available

At yourPrint, we have two options for mouse pads. We have Customized large Rectangle Mouse Pads and Customized Circle Mouse Pads. Mouse Pad prices in India vary from online store to offline store. Instead of going anywhere you can order online from Personalized Mouse Pads are cheap and can be ordered for under ₹199. The specifications for both of the custom photo mouse pads are listed below-

  • Customized Rectangle Mouse Pads - The mousepads are durable and printed with HD designs. Flexible Rubber is the material of the mousepads. Buy a Mouse Pad online from yourPrint as it is lightweight and easy to carry to your workplace or for personal use. A satin finish is given to the top of the mouse pad on which your designs get printed. The rear side has rubber grip material which ensures that the mouse pad gives a nice grip to the surface and sticks to the surface, which makes the mouse pads completely skid-proof. Rectangular mouse pads look professional and are perfect for personal use or for giveing to your employees.
  • Customized Circle Mouse Pads - The mousepads are made up of Flexible Rubber, which makes them lightweight and suitable for daily use. To enable your mouse to move freely on the mouse pad, it is given a unique Satin Finish on the top cloth on which the image is printed. The bottom has a rubber grip material which ensures that the mouse pad sticks to the surface on which it is kept. The back is made completely Skid Proof. The mouse pad is made in a circular shape and has aprrox 20 cm diameter.

Gifting Ideas for Personalized Mouse Pads with Photos

The mousepads when printed with your company logo and tagline are a perfect gift to give to your employees and business partners. The mousepads are highly durable and long-lasting and the photo print done on them is permanent and doesn't fade off in general usage. You can order these mouse mats from the comfort of your home/office and we will deliver them to you. Also, you can have custom mouse pads' bulk orders placed as per your requirement. All products at are quality checked before being shipped. We deliver all over India via express shipping. You can order for gifting or you can use it personally. Listed below are some of the gifting ideas you can prefer -

  • Mouse Pads for Workplaces - Mouse Pads can be designed and gifted to your employees as per the occasion. If you are the owner of a company you can get your employees their customized mousepad for their workplace. You can add text, logos, images, stickers, and anything new you can think of.
  • Mouse Pads for Home - If you are bored using your old mousepad, you can order our new quirky mouse pads from yourPrint. You can add image, text, emoji, or anything else you wish to print on the mousepad. The mousepad is highly durable and print quality will last long for years. The design must be of good quality not blurred only after that you will get HD quality print.
  • Mouse Pads for Kids - We also have a special range of mousepads for kids. You can surprise your kid with our funky mouse pad designs. You can add images, text, and emojis. Add Custom Anime Mouse Pads Designs or anything that engages kids.
  • Mouse Pads for Online Gamers - If your friend or brother is fond of online gaming like PUBG, Fortnite, or Minecraft, you can gift them our custom mouse pad with their images or text on it. Online Gamers use mouse pads a lot to maintain their focus on the view and various other actions so they need the surface to be plain and perform their mouse movements swiftly. Mouse Pads for Gaming will truly enhance the feel of the gaming experience and keep your hands stress-free on uneven surfaces.
  • Mouse Pads for Girls - We have a predesigned library of designs for various occasions. We have designed especially for girls that can be personalized as per the need and event. You can also gift to yourself or friends with best wishes.

Mouse Pad Designs

yourPrint has vibrant designs available that are unique and provide a next-level mouse pad printing experience at yourPrint. It seems Designing mouse pads is a DIY task for anyone new. We have, various categories of designs, few of them are listed below -

  • Abstract Designs - We have a lot of abstracts that can be customized for gifting or self-use. You can add images, text, or anything you wish on the mouse pad from yourPrint to get stylish mouse pads.
  • Anniversary Designs - You can also gift it on someone else's anniversary by simply uploading their image, custom text, or anything you wish to add. We have a design that goes well with your photo's.
  • Birthday Designs - We have birthday designs that work well with a Birthday Boy/Girl's image or anything you wish to add like text or emoji.
  • Emoji Designs - yourPrint also has emoji designs that go well with the image of a person or motivational quote. You can add text or some logo to make it vibrant and clean.
  • Calendar Mouse Pads Designs - yourPrint also has a Calendar Mouse Pads 2021/2022/2023 Designs that goes well with the brand logo. Mousepad Calendar Designing Online can be done easily at website or app. It is a DIY task that anyone can do if he knows what his/her requirements are. You can add text or some logo to make it vibrant and clean. Also it keeps you in sync with the year and makes productivity throughout the year.

And more designs for mousepads like Love, Nature, Social Media, Wedding, Wood, Zodiac Mouse pad are available with us.