Customized Photo Printed Mouse Pads & Mouse Mats in Rectangle Shape

Buy Photo-Printed Customisable Rectangle Mouse Pads for your Laptop/PC mouse Online at The mouse pad is personalized with your pictures, company logo, artwork, text etc. and is compatible with wired as well as wireless mouses. You can even use large, gaming mouses as the mouse pad has a large surface area due to its rectangular shape with rounded edges. We use High-Definition Heat Transfer Printing Techniques for printing your mouse pads with your own design. It can be printed easily with your photos, text, company logo, anniversary/birthday designs and more.

Personalized Printed Rectangular Mouse Pads compatible with Wired and Wireless Mouses

The personalized mouse pad is compatible with all type of mouses - wired and wireless. This is also compatible with Laptops, Desktop PCs and Tablets as well and due to its rectangular shape, it can be easily kept in your handbag or laptop bag. The mouse pad has a meshed grid surface which provides adequate grip when the pad is kept on your office / study table / any other surface that is flat in nature. The surface on the top and bottom are made up of high quality material, making the mouse pad long lasting and highly durable.

100% Personalized Rectangle Mouse Mats Online in India

The mouse pad is 100% Customizable - which means you can add any image, design, text, artwork easily on the mouse pad easily using yourPrint website or mobile app on the rectangular surface of the mouse pad and mouse mat. Since the shape of the mouse pad is rectangular, it's recommended that you add images in landscape format, instead of images in portrait orientation. The corners of the mouse pad are rounded, giving it a soothing look and making it easy to carry without any rough edges.

Photo Printed Mouse Pads for Bulk Corporate Gifting

The rectangle shaped mouse pads when printed with your company logo and tagline are a perfect gift to give to your employees, business partners and other business stakeholders. The mouse pads are highly durable and long-lasting and the photo print done on them is permanent and doesn't fade off in regular usage. You can order these mouse mats from the comfort of your home/office and we will deliver them to you. All product on are quality checked before being shipped. We deliver all over India via express shipping. All cities in India including Delhi, Panipat, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore are eligible for fast express shipping for the delivery of mousepads.