What is a Color Changing Magic Mug?

   I am a Magic Mug

As the name suggests, the Cup is magical in the sense that the photo printed on the mug will reveal itself when hot liquid is poured inside the mug. The Photo Printed magic mug works with all type of liquids – be it hot water, tea, coffee etc. As long as the liquid is hot, the photo on the mug will reveal itself. The print done on personalized magic mugs is permanent. It will never fade off. You can rub the image on the mug thousands of times but it will still be there on the mug.

Customized Photo Changing Magic Mug is available in 3 colors at yourPrint:

  • Black Color: The initial color of the mug is black. On pouring hot liquid inside the cup, the photo is revealed on a black background. This is the most popular variety of magic mug, as black color makes the mug look sober. The surface of the mug has matte finish, making it easy to hold as this finish provides a superior grip to the coffee mug.The color changing effect of the black magic mug is shown below:

Black magic cup changing its color

Black Magic Mugs Can be Order Here

  • Blue Color: The Blue colored Magical Mug has a dark blue shade with matte finish on the surface. The default color for this cup is Blue – when hot liquid is poured inside the mug, the photo reveals itself on Blue background color (which is same as the default color of the mug). This is printed by the same process used in printing black color changing mugs – which is Sublimation Printing. The print will never chip or fade off from the surface of this mug. You can see the Color Changing effect of this tea mug below:

View Blue Color Changing Mugs

  • Red Color: The Red Color Magic Cup has a bright red shade when empty. On putting any liquid inside the mug, the photo printed on the mug reveals itself. The photo can be printed in unlimited colors and the printing technology used for printing on this magic cup is heat transfer permanent print technology. You can see the red magic mug in action below:

Order Red Magic Mugs Here

We have answered some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) related to Magic Mugs below:

1. Can Magic Mugs be washed with water?

Yes, you can wash the mug normally like you wash other utensils in the kitchen. However, avoid using steel wool because it might scratch the printed photo on the surface of the mug.

2. Is the print on Magic Mugs permanent?

Yes, the printing done on the surface of the mug is permanent, it will not fade off with general, day-to-day use. However, make sure that the surface is not scratched with any pointed objects as that might chip off the print.

3. Is the Color Changing Magic Mug breakable?

Yes, the mug will break if you drop it, because it is made up of ceramic like other mugs. Handle it with care 🙂

4.At what temperature the image starts showing on the cup?

The visibility of the image depends upon the temperature of the drink you are putting inside the mug. If the temperature of the liquid is more than 75°C, then the Magic Mug will start showing the customized Image which is printed on it.

5. What is the magic behind this color changing effect in this mug?

This Magical color change effect is created by using a special oxidized ink, which when comes in contact with hot substance like water, coffee, tea etc revels the image on the outer surface of the Magic Mug.

Steps to Create your Own Magic Mug

Step 1: Select your preferred Magic Mug Color here. 

Step 2: Once you have selected the desired color, you can select the template that you want. We have 200+ design templates for magic mugs, covering themes like Birthdays, anniversaries, superhero designs, general gifting etc. You can see sample templates below:

Step 3: On selecting the template, you can Add your Desired Image or Text on the mug that you want printed on it.

You can click on Add Image to add the photograph, click on Add Text to add any text that you want. You can change the design template of the mug by clicking on Add Design button. A demo of the product design page is shown below

Upon designing the mug and finalizing the design, the rest of the steps are like any other eCommerce ordering process. You can set the desired quality and proceed to checkout. You can fill the required fields with all the information and place the order. Once we receive your order, the print file for the order is generated and it is transferred on the mug using heating technique. We check all magic mugs by pouring hot water in them to ensure that the image is showing up fine and it is as per the design created by you on the website or app.

Happy Customizing your Own Custom Photo Printed Magic Mug at yourPrint ?

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  1. Annete says:

    I have a magic mug but I notice it does not show as clear as when I first received it…it is turning a little beige in colour. Why ?

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