Birthday Gifting Ideas – Celebrate with Personalized Photo Printed Gifts

Birthday is a special occasion for most if not all people. This is a day of exclusivity as it comes only once a year. Most people wait anxiously for this day every year and celebrate this day with their friends and family members. An exchange of gifts on this special occasion makes it even more special – as gifts carry the token of love and care of the person gifting to the recipient of the gift. A gift can be anything – tangible or intangible. Blessings of your well wishers is as worthwhile a gift as receiving a bouquet of flowers or a greeting card. A birthday gift can be given to anyone – gifts for family members like gifts for husband, birthday gift for wife, gifts for children on birthday will differ from birthday gifts for friend, gifts for girlfriend or boyfriend etc. This makes the spectrum of gifting very wide. Through this article, we aim to narrow down this spectrum to help you choose the perfect gift.

At yourPrint, we believe in making your gifts special and unique by enabling you to create them yourself. Here are some gifting ideas to make the day special for your loved ones and you.

  • Birthday Theme Customized Photo Printed Cushions: Cushions are a part of everyone’s living or drawing room. This is once of the most common furnishing product in most people’s homes. This can be a perfect gift for birthdays when you are able to write your own Happy Birthday messages along with your images on the cushion. A personalozed birthday design cushion with your photo or text has a universal gifting appeal – it can be gifted to someone you love or even your friends. The message and picture printed on the pillow cushion cover can be customized depending on the person you are gifting the cushion to. Below are some birthday themed cushion designs available at yourPrint:

There are 3 levels of personalization for  Customized Cushions – you can choose a design template from our range of 200+ design templates at no extra charge. This is the first level. Once the design is selected, you can add any image of your choice. The image will become a part of the pattern you have chosen. This is the second level of customization. The third level involves any text of your choice. This can be a Happy Birthday message or any other message of your choice. For example – If you are gifting a personalized photo printed cushion to your wife, you can write the following message – “Happy Birthday, Dear Wife!”.

Create your Own Birthday Design Photo Cushions Here

  • Personalized Birthday Design Photo Covers: Phone covers are the most popular electronic accessory in the world. Everyone who owns a smartphone or tablet will definitely use a cover for their device. A phone cover can be a perfect birthday gift as the recipient is sure to carry it all the time with them, as the cover will be applied on the phone that they are carrying. At yourPrint, we take this concept 2 steps further. The first step is the option of choosing birthday themed templates for the personalized cover as seen below:

Like the 3 designs shown above,we have 30+ templates for Birthday Theme mobile covers. The second step of customization is adding any image and text of your choice. If you are selecting a birthday gift for your husband, you can choose a template with sophisticated colors like dark blue. Similarly, if you are customizing the phone case to gift to your girlfriend, you can choose vibrant colors like pink. We have included multiple color combinations in our templates to match all your customized gifting needs.

View Birthday Theme Photo Phone Covers 

  • Customized Birthday Design Photo Mugs: Tea and Coffee Mugs can be another great birthday gift, which have a universal gifting appeal. The main advantage of opting for mugs is that there are more than 15 color options available for mugs. You can opt for vibrant colors like red, orange, green or sophisticated colors like gold, silver, black and more. Mugs are made up of high quality ceramic. Customized Birthday Mugs are available in the following varieties, all of which can be completely customized with your pictures and text:

1.Single Color Mugs: These mugs are available in a single unibody form factor. The available colors are black, red, blue. These cups are of the same color from inside and outside, with the photo printed on the outer curvature of the mug. Like all other customized products at yourPrint, you can add any images or Birthday messages on the mug’s surface and the same will be printed on it using permanent ink.

A blue colored, birthday theme personalized mug

2. Dual Tone Mugs: As the name suggests, these personalized mugs are available in a dual color form factor, hence the name dual tone. The color of the handle and the inner side of the mug are same and the outer area on which the picture and birthday text message are printed are white in color. The dual color shade makes them a perfect gifting option for giving on birthdays and similar occasions.

Dual Tone Orange Photo Printed Mugs in Birthday Designs

3. Color Changing Magic Mugs: Magic Mugs, which change the color of the outer surface when hot liquid is poured inside the mug, are a popular choice for birthday gifts. You can surprise your loved ones by gifting them a mug which looks plain from the outside and the design becomes visible when hot water or any other liquid substance is poured in it. You can learn more about Heat Sensitive Magic Mugs here. We have written a detailed article on this topic.

Color Changing, Heat Sensitive Magic Mug

View All Mugs Here 


View Birthday Design Mugs Here  

We have written about the most popular personalized photo printed birthday gifts. You can also opt for other customized products like Customized Keychains, Personalized Sipper Bottles, Printed Shot Glasses, Photo Printed Beer Mugs and more as a gift for Birthdays.

Happy Celebrating with yourPrint 🙂

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