Purchase Customized Photo Printed Pen Stands Online

yourPrint lets you customize and create your own photo printed pen, pencil & desk stands for keeping your stationery like pens,pencils,eraser,ruler etc on your desk. The desk stand can be customized with any image,text,logo or design of your choice. The printing is done in HD colors on the flat surface of the pen stand. You can get the option of personalizing pen stands in various materials like wood, plastic, acrylic and more. The desk stands have multiple compartments to organize various stationery items used regularly at home,school or office. The height of the stand is suitable to keep standard sized pens and pencils in it. Pencil boxes and stand are available for delivery to all pincodes in India. 

Custom Printed Desk Stands for Office & Home

As the name suggests, a personalized desk stand is printed with any image(s) or text of your choice. You can select multiple images while designing the pen stand. The print is durable enough for day to day use and vibrant colors make it attractive. Some pen stands have a rotating base, which enables them to be printed on both the sides (front and back) with same or different designs as per your preference. The average size of the desk stand ranges from 4 to 6 Inches, thus avoiding them from occupying excessive space on your table, while keeping your stationery items organized. These are available in square and cylindrical shapes.

Personalized Table Stands for Stationery in India

Without doubt, these printed pen stands are completely unique as they can be customized as with any design of your choice. This can be customized for office with company logo, tagline etc or for personal use with your own photos or pictures of your favorite celebrity or anything else of your preference. The choices are unlimited and you can customize the stationery product as per your liking.