Buy Disposable Surgical Masks with 3 Layers Online

In today's world, wearing a mask while going out of home is crucial to protect yourself from airborne infections like the recent COVID-19 pandemic or from the ill effects of air pollution. You can buy disposable face mask packs which consist of varying quantity, starting from 10 pieces and going all the way to 1000 pieces per pack. The disposable face mask material is 3 Ply or 3 Layer, providing 3 layers of protection against inhaling infectious microorganisms or spreading infection while coughing,sneezing,talking etc. These masks were initially used in hospitals only for doctors,nurses and other hospital staff. However, keeping the current scenario in mind, surgical masks are indispensable for protecting yourself if you have to go outside your home. The disposable face masks are available in a standard green/light blue color shade, which resemble the setting of a hospital. Green Disposable Face Masks are the most widely used surgical face masks today, owing to their wide availability, economical price, ease of use & ability to protect against coronavirus pandemic. The disposable mask is supposed to be discarded safely after every use, as the name suggests. Make sure to throw the used face mask in a bin which has a lid covering it, to prevent any possible spread of virus infection and putting your health at risk. Face Mask Box Price is included in the final price of the product, there are no separate charges for face mask box.

Types of Coronavirus Face Masks in India

Depending on your need, there are various types of Coronavirus Face Masks available in India at yourPrint. The most popular types are as follows: 

  • Disposable Surgical Face Mask (3 Ply/Non-Woven) - As the name suggests, disposable face masks are meant for single use and are to be discarded safely once they have been used. In order to facilitate wide availability for disposable masks, we have started manufacturing surgical masks to keep the customer prices low. You can purchase disposable masks at yourPrint from as low as Rs.3/mask. The masks are available in packs of varying quantities, which can be selected as per your need. Surgical masks are made up of 3 Ply, Non-Woven Fabric. This material makes them comfortable to wear all day long. However, you need to safely dispose off the mask after each use. These masks are not reusable, even after washing the mask. Surgical masks are meant for 1 time use only. The meaning of 3 Ply face mask is that the mask has 3 layers and each of these layers has a specific function to perform in ensuring your safety. The inner and outer layers are made up of non-woven fabric and the inside layers is made up of melt-blown fabric. Together, these 3 layers protect you from the inhalation of airborne infections like karonavirus.
  • Surgical Face Mask with Nose Pin - 3 Ply Face Mask with Nose Pin provide better fitting on face as the pin in the mask grips the nose and gets moulded in its shape. This makes the inner compartment air-tight, protecting you from airborne viruses when you inhale air. Mask with nose clip are slightly more expensive than standard 3 ply surgical masks, but they also offer better protection to all those who use them. The mask nose pin wire present in these disposable masks keeps the mask in position when applied by gripping on the elevated shape of your nose. This makes them more protective than masks without nose pins. Like 3 ply masks without nose pins, these masks are also made up of 3 Layer non-woven fabric and are to be disposed off properly after each use. You cannot reuse these masks after using them once. The nose clip in the surgical mask is thin enough to get moulded in the shape of your nose once you stretch and apply the mask on your face. Without nose pin mask would not get molded in the shape of your face, increasing the possibility of infection. There are 2 variants available for this variety - nose clip surgical masks (pack of 50 masks) and 3 ply mask with nose pin (pack of 100 masks).

Surgical Face Masks for Outdoor Use in India

Buy Surgical face masks for outdoor use online in India at yourPrint starting from Rs.3/piece. Disposable masks are perfect for self-use or for handing them to your employees in factories,offices,shops. yourPrint is surgical face mask manufacturer, which means our customers can avail massive discounts when buying disposable face masks in bulk quantity as we have eliminated middle men (like traders,wholesalers) from the supply chain, passing on the benefit of price to our customers. Disposable face mask material is 3 ply non-woven fabric, which is enhanced to protect you from airborne infections like corona virus and other diseases. Buy disposable face mask online in India at yourPrint and slow the spread of coronavirus to flatten out the covid curve in India. Difference between 2ply and 3ply face masks is that 3 ply disposable masks have melt brown fabric inside the inner and outer layers, making them more effective in protecting you against infections, haze, viruses & bacteria. However, 2 ply face masks are available in reusable variants and are more economical for everyday use, provided you wash them thoroughly after each use. Non disposable or reusable masks can also be customized with any design of your choice. These provide better value for money as compared to disposable masks based on per use cost. However, you need to ensure that the reusable mask is properly washed with disinfectant and kept clean after each use. yourPrint has started deliveries for all essential category products like face masks (both reusable and disposable) all over India. To protect yourself, you can order any type of face mask only from the safety of your homes and they will be delivered right to your address. Thus, you do not have to rist going out of your house as the surgical masks can be delivered to you right at home.