Explained: The Art of Printing your Photos on Mobile Covers, Mugs & More

yourPrint makes everyday Products like Mobile Cases, Mugs and More unique for you by enabling you to Print your Photos on them in lifelike picture quality.This makes them perfect for Gifting and Everyday Use.

How do we do it?

Step 1: The Photo or Text to be Printed on the Product is Uploaded in the yourPrint Product Designer and the product as it will look in reality is visualized on the screen. What you see is What you Get 🙂

Step 2: Our Designers adjust the picture as per the Phone Model or any Other Product and the Photo is Printed in High Quality Detail with Vivid colors. The print is completely like the Photo uploaded on the Website in the Product Designer. Higher the resolution of the image, higher is the Print Quality.

Step 3: The Printed Photo is Aligned with the Surface of the Product and attached firmly to it using Thermal Tape. This combination of the Product and Photo is Heated at over 100° Celsius (212 Fahrenheit) so that the Photo Print gets transferred on the Product.

The Photo transferred on the Mobile Cover or any other Product is Permanent and stays there for the entire life cycle of the Product.

The result of the printing process is a life like photo printed beautifully on your Mobile Case, Coffee Mug etc. yourPrint Website makes it easy for you to Customize the product and see how it will look in real before adding the item in your cart to purchase it. 

What are you waiting for? Start Customizing your Cases, Mugs and More at yourPrint instrantly!

54 thoughts on “Explained: The Art of Printing your Photos on Mobile Covers, Mugs & More

  1. Divij C says:

    Hi, The print by transfer printing is permanent. The plastic cover on which the printing is done is pretty durable as it’s heated at more than 150° Celcius, so it’s pretty durable and not easily prone to scratches. Hence, a protective coating is not required as such. Feel free to connect if you have any other queries.

  2. Prasidh says:

    I recently ordered a customized case for my ASUS ZenFone selfie..as it was mentioned it doesn’t provide cover on the body parts at the top and bottom..would have been better if provided protection for all the sides..otherwise happy with the quality

  3. s.rahman.kolkata says:

    where is contact Number or email Id…..
    by mistake I made 2 orders for same product and I want to cancel 1 Item. how can I do that??
    No contact Numbers or email Id mentioned. Pls help…..

  4. kannan.jap says:

    I have order mobile case for my infocus m530.but I received today 5/12/2017 infocus m350 back case….I cant return the product .kindly help me my mobile number 9445895014

  5. Vinod Jadhav says:

    How I give my order for honour 8 Lite back cover with my photo I don’t know how to give order can you please give me your WhatsApp number

  6. Faheem says:

    I am not getting my order placed more then ten days ago and paid in advance also but now they r making excuses and not delivering my product and they tell in their website we deliver 4-7 working days ,just hoax nothing else .i am telling this company please send me product or refund me.very disappointed with this website now

  7. Devashish says:

    Will the print be durable enough to withstand the day to day scratches…..
    I booked for other site and the print has started to come out…
    So since I heard about you I thought of giving a try….

  8. Prashant Chopade says:

    Please send me my motoE4+ back cover with printing my contact adress mentioned already Prashant Chopade C/O R P Mahamune Radhika Layout Arni Road Near Ganpati Mandir Yavatmal Maharashtra Mobile Number 7218453138

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