Purchase Customized Wooden Keychains Online

yourPrint lets you customize and create your own wood engraved keychains made from polished wood. You can get any text laser engraved on the surface of the wooden keychain. This can include your name, company name, birth date etc. Once engraved, the text will stay on the wood surface permanently. You can choose the shape of the keyring while customizing it. The wood engraved key rings are perfect for corporate gifting, personal use etc. You can use the wooden engraved keychain with your car's key also, as the keychain is light-weight is comfortable to carry all day long.

Get your Name Engraved on Keychain made from Wood

The best way to personalize a small product like keychain is to get your name printed on it - you can write your name or any other text using multiple fonts and get it printed permanently on the keychain using laser engraving technique. The customization can be done on all platforms - mobile, PC, Tablet. Some wooden products have the option of getting both the front and back printed while some have only the front of the product printable. The color of the engraved text will depend on the inner color of the wood. For example - if engraving is done on a brown surface and the inner color is dark brown, the same will show up once the engraving is done with your desired text.

Personalized Wooden Key Rings with your Company Name

Without doubt, these printed key rings are the best gifts that can be given to your employees and business stakeholders. Keychains are used daily and engraving them with your brand name can provide a great platform to market your brand. We ship customized keychains to all cities in India on prepaid mode. The keychains are pocket friendly, in terms of weight, size and price and can be carried all the time without any issue. Also, the wooden material makes the keychains look sophisticated.