Purchase Customized Square Visiting Cards Online in India

yourPrint.in lets you customize and create your own Square Shaped Visiting Cards and Business Cards online easily. You can create your business card design from scratch by designing the entire design template yourself or use our pre-designed templates by just filling in the details required to be printed on the visiting cards. The templates for Square Shaped Visiting Cards are available for various professions, like Doctors,CA,Businessmen,Managers and more. The square shaped visiting cards are very easy to carry because of their small size. In terms of size, they are around half the size of a standard rectangular visiting card. Most of the text in square visiting cards is center aligned, giving them a symmetrical appearance.

Create your Identity with Square Shaped Business Cards

Visiting Cards are very important when you are out to create an identity for yourself in the professional world. When you meet new people at work or you want to introduce yourself to a gathering of professionals, visiting cards are the most important thing to have at that particular instance. A good visiting card should be easy to carry in your wallet and should be attractive enough so that the receiver of the card keeps it with him/her. Square visiting cards are cut in the shape and size of a square, which makes them very convenient to carry in your wallet or pockets.