Printed Coffee Mugs – All your Questions Answered about Photo Mugs

Coffee Mugs are an integral part of our kitchenware collection. These are used almost daily by majority of people. Mugs or Cups are available in numerous variants – ranging from different materials like ceramic mugs, plastic, metal, stainless steel and more, different sizes and capacities. The most common material used in making Coffee Mugs is ceramic. We will be answering Frequently Asked Questions related to Photo Printed Coffee Mugs in this article. What are Photograph Printed Mugs Made of? Photo Printed Coffee Mugs are made up of Ceramic.The color is white by default, and various shades are applied on the initial color as per buyer preference. Although not officially certified microwave safe, the mugs can be used with microwave heating for brief duration. Is the Photo Printed on surface of Coffee Mugs permanent? . The photo that is printed on the Mug is permanent, which means that it will not wear off during everyday usage. However, the surface might get scratched with general usage and has to be handled with care. Since these mugs are made up of Ceramic, they need to be handled with care. How is Photo Printed and Transferred on Mug? The Photograph is printed using Heat Transfer Printing Technique, which is commonly known as Sublimation. The photo is printed in High Definition on a Photo Transfer Sheet, which is applied on the outer surface of the Mug and heated at a temperature high enough to permanently transfer the print on the surface of the mug. All colors can be printed on the mug using this technique. In how many colors are Printed Coffee Mugs available?  Ceramic Mugs are available in 20+ colors at yourPrint. We have listed the most popular colors below:

Printed White Mugs


Customized Orange Mugs

Photo Red Mugs

Personalized Magic Mugs

View All Colors of Custom Mugs

What is a Color Changing Mug and How does it work? A Color Changing Mug or a Magic Mug is a Mug that Changes Color when any Hot Liquid is poured inside the mug. This gives it a magical effect as a photo printed on the mug will be barely visible when the mug is empty but as soon as coffee, tea or any other hot beverage is poured in the mug, the photo becomes visible due to the color changing effect of the mug. Magic Mugs can be printed with your pictures or text and are available in Black, Blue and Red Colors. Below is a demonstration of the color changing effect of a magic mug: Magic Mugs are made up of ceramic and have a coating of temperature sensitive ink on their surface. This ink reacts to temperature – resulting in the Color Changing effect seen in Magic Mugs. Can Printed Mugs be Washed with Water? Coffee Mugs that have been printed with your pictures can be easily washed with water and detergent like normal utensils. Since the print is permanent, it will not wash off in the process of cleaning the mugs. Magic mugs can also be washed similarly without the risk of losing their print. However, they need to be handled with care as the material is ceramic, which makes the mugs brittle and susceptible to damage if dropped from height. What all can be Printed on the surface of the Coffee Mugs? Anything and Everything that you can imagine! You can print your photos, company logo, favorite superhero design, cartoon designs, text, messages and more in realistic quality on the surface of Customized Printed Mugs. There are no limitations to design while printing and you can unleash your creativity on these personalized cups and mugs. Adding the design on the mugs is fairly straightforward – You can Select your Desired Mug Here, select the template and you will land on the product design page. You can Add Image, Template or Text here and Complete the purchase. Do you have Design Templates for Mugs? yourPrint has over 500 design templates, covering design themes like Superhero, Social Media, Anniversary, Wedding, Father’s Day, Birthday and more. You can add the desired template by clicking on “Add Design” button once you are on the product customization page. The designs have openings/windows where you can add your own image, giving your personalized mug a unique look as can be seen below:

This is an Anniversary Themed Mug

These are Birthday Themed Templates

Similarly, you can choose from various other templates without any extra charge and add your images on these templates. You can also add your Text on these templates, which will be printed above them. Do you offer discount on bulk purchase of printed mugs? Yes, we have quantity based pricing. The same is displayed in a table below the add to cart button as seen below: As you increase the quantity, the discounted price of the customized photo mug will reflect on the product page. This can be really useful when you wish  to print mugs for a corporate gifting event or for your college, institution or company. We hope that most of your queries related to Photo Printed Mugs have been answered via this post. If you still have any other questions, you can contact us and our support representatives will guide you appropriately.

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