Complete Guide to Design Visiting Cards

Visiting Card or Business Cards are essential for your professional life. During introductions or business meetings with stakeholders of your business or profession, the most important thing to have at that instance is a well printed Visiting Card, which can be given to new acquaintances. It is important that the business cards are designed effectively so that they leave an impression on the receiver and he/she keeps the set of cards for future reference.

Keeping the above use of visiting cards in mind, it is imperative that your business cards have the following characteristics:

  • The cards should be printed and cut from a sheet of thick paper with a high GSM value. The standard acceptable industry measure for this value is 300 GSM.
Stack of 300 GSM paper used for printing Visiting Cards at yourPrint
  • The business cards should be well designed and printed with clarity, with appropriate spacing between various elements present on the card. This is important as without a clean design, the recipient of the visiting card will not be able to contact you.
An ideal visiting card design with appropriate margins and spacing. This design can be ordered here.
  • The cards should be approximately the size of credit card, making them portable and convenient to carry for the giver of the card and also for the recipient. Visiting cards are available in various shapes like square visiting cards, rectangular visiting cards etc. It’s important that the cards are portable irrespective of the shape.
1.Size Guide for a Rectangular Visiting Card
  • The corners of the cards should not be excessively pointed, as that will make the business cards difficult to carry for everyday use. At yourPrint, you have the option of choosing visiting cards with standard or rounded corners as per your preference.
Square Shaped Visiting Cards with Standard and Rounded Corners

The above mentioned requirements are the pre-requisites for a good visiting card set. yourPrint’s printing team checks for the above points before printing your cards.

How to Design your Visiting Cards?

The process of designing your business cards should be straightforward an shouldn’t require any prior design knowledge on your part. We, at yourPrint, have developed a simple designing process keeping the above 2 points in mind.

The process of designing your business cards starts with choosing the shape of the cards here. Once you have chosen either a rectangular or a square shaped card, the next step is to choose a design template in which you can simply fill in your information.

Square Visiting Card Templates

Upon selecting your preferred design template for your visiting card, you will be presented with a design interface that’s very easy to use.

Design interface for Visiting Cards at yourPrint

A brief for all the design options is given below for your reference:

  • Single-Sided Print- Select this if you want to print the visiting card on the front side only. The back of the card will be white.
  • Double-Sided Print- This variation gives you the option to get the front and back of the card printed with your design, i.e. the cards will be printed on both the sides.
  • Edit Text- Use this option to edit the text that is already present on the visiting card template.
Enter your Details in the Respective Fields and they will be updated on the Visiting Card
  • + Text- Click on this button to add any custom text along with the text that’s already present in the visiting card design.
  • + Image- Use this option to add any image like your company logo or your passport size picture on the card. Any image in png or jpg format can be added on the card using this option.
  • + Design- Use this option to add any design from clip art designs,stickers or emojis provided by yourPrint.

Upon finalizing the contents of the card, you will be able to see the real-time preview of your visiting cards’ design.

You will then have the option of choosing the corners. There are 2 types of corners available – standard corners and rounded corners. The rounded corners are rounded by approximately 6 mm. The last option to select is the type of paper on which you want the visiting cards to be printed. Again, there are 2 options available for this- matte finish paper and glossy paper.

The entire design process should not take more than a few minutes and can be done on Mobile,Tablet or PC conveniently. Each set of visiting cards has 100 cards and you can avail bulk discounts if you purchase more than 1 set.

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